Margie Prevot

Board Co-Chair

Margie and Roger moved to E. Hardwick in 2016, but have deep roots in the NEK. Nearly three decades ago, they met and married here, and their children attended Burke Mtn Academy as they grew.

Besides the NEK, Margie and her family lived on a small farm in rural south central PA with three kids, gardens and a small flock of sheep and other critters. After managing the family, and shuttling back and forth between Burke and PA, Margie now manages Greensboro Brook Farm, here in our community. Between being in the fields, volunteering and getting outside, she also supports her daughter Corinne, an entrepreneur and small business owner of Skida Hats and Headwear in Burlington VT (, as a jill-of-all-trades.

She attributes her focus on farms and food to her father; a life long gardener. The vitality of local farms and local food resonates most uniquely for her in the NEK.