Corey Hennessey

Picture of Corey Hennessy

Deputy Director


What excites you about your work and the work of CAE?
As supply chain networks in our food system continue to trend starkly in favor of consolidation, I see our work at CAE Farm Connex as a unique opportunity to disrupt this increasingly exclusive, economic juggernaut. By providing our smaller producers access to safe, reliable and robust aggregation & distribution capacity, we strive to bolster a crucial service gap between farms and 'fridges throughout the state. A wee revolutionary act, indeed! It sure doesn't hurt that I get to work alongside some truly gifted and keenly dedicated colleagues while doing it, either. :)

What brings you joy (work or otherwise)?
So, what brings me joy? Ideas, possibilities and a good story! It can take almost any form - be it music, art, books, movies, jokes, or a simple conversation at the bus stop, however the theme is consistent: "The universe is a wild place, and being a human is weird."

Runners up: Dogs and plants.

What brings you hope (work or otherwise)?
Hm. Hope can be a funny and elusive thing. But the cool thing about it is that regardless of whether or not we can see or feel it, it's always there - like a plucky little dandelion just waiting to push through a crack in the pavement.