Bethany Dunbar

Picture of Bethany Dunbar

Community Programs Manager


802-472-5362 x204

What excites you about your work and the work of CAE?
"I get excited about stepping out of the usual ways of thinking about food systems including food access and food justice, being able to be creative about how to make things work, and then going for it. I get excited about coaching and supporting new leaders, the community gardens, Northeast Kingdom Organizing, the future of Atkins Field, getting to know people in Hardwick, working with the Hardwick Area Food Pantry, the Kiwanis Club, and staff potlucks!"

What brings you joy?
"What brings me joy is being part of a team that looks at systems change the way I do and is willing to engage in it, even when it's hard (like during a pandemic!). What brings me joy is meeting new vendors at the Hardwick Farmers' Market, seeing people come together over events like the Pollinator Festival, and tasting varieties of heritage tomatoes, and seeing Atkins Field becoming a central gathering place for all sorts of groups and functions."

What brings you hope?
"What brings me hope is the knowledge that we are not alone in this work, that there are other groups and individuals locally, across the state and country trying to make food systems work better for all the people who grow, sell, share, and eat the food."