Covid-19 Support: Micro-Grants for Farmers

Since May 2020, CAE has supported 28 farms with micro-grants to support their  response to Covid-19. Local farms have continued to do what they do best, feed and nourish the local community. Our micro-grants help them put infrastructure and plans into place to get food directly to Vermonter's. For some farms this has meant buying new freezers to go into their farm store, for others it's meant going digital, and opening an online store on their website. Below are some of the grant recipients and their projects. 

·        Farm store construction for Hillside Homestead in Albany

·        Freezer for Allstadt Farm store in Hardwick

·        Labels and bags for safe CSA distribution at Sandiwood Farm in Wolcott

·        Handwashing infrastructure and safe CSA distribution equipment ad Knee Deep Farm in Jeffersonville

·        Freezer for Hunger Moon Farm in Enosburg Falls for increased poultry production

·        Website development and marketing assistance for Greenfield Highland beef in Plainfield

·        Website development for Riverside Farm in Hardwick

·        Online marketing assistance for Wood’s Syrup in Randolph

·        Bulk tank attachment for raw milk sales at Rooney Farm in Morristown

·        Raw milk licensing and jars for Ackermann Dairy in East Hardwick

·        Brochure and website development for Mt Mansfield Creamery in Morristown

·        Marketing assistance for Silloway Maple in Randolph Vermont

·        Farm store infrastructure for Poulin and Daughters farm in Brookfield

·        Farm store freezer for the Laggis Farm in East Hardwick

·        Payroll costs for shipping and web development for Boston Post Dairy in Enosburg Falls

·        Advertising materials for Mud City Farm in Morristown

There are still micro-grants available! Please visit this website for the grant application, eligibility, and details. 

The micro grant helped Hillside Homestead construct a farm store
The micro-grant helped Hillside Homestead construct a farm store Photo by Kent Shaw