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A program of the Center for an Agricultural Economy

Hardwick Community Garden

Welcome to the Gardens!

Started in 2004, the Center for an Agricultural Economy (CAE), in partnership with community members and the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund, established a vibrant community garden space near the Lamoille River and enjoyed a spirited and dedicated group of multi-generational gardeners.

In 2012, the HCG was moved to Atkins Field on Granite Street, with support from the Friends of Burlington Gardens and the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund.The 24 raised beds, made of local hemlock from Cabot, were built with volunteers and we purchased local compost and top soil to fill them, then pathways made of wood chips were installed around the beds. Beautiful pieces of granite were unearthed and we created a granite garden border and natural amphitheater. In 2013, we had 19 families, 2 after-school programs, 1 school and the local food pantry use the space to grow food. We charge $20 for a single bed for the season from April to October.

Our Community Garden beds have been filled for the 2014 season. Thanks to so many of you who have inquired and reserved your beds. We are developing a Waiting List now, so please call the Center at 472-5362 if you have any questions.