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A program of the Center for an Agricultural Economy


TOURS: Please call directly, as tours depend on our schedules and your needs!

The Vt Food Venture Center is an exciting shared-use building, and we have many folks who are interested in this particular food hub model, and how it works with various partners in a rural economy. We are happy to sit with you and your group to talk through the food business incubation services, the financing and more, but these tours must be scheduled in advance and we do charge a fee of $50 for our staff time and the walk-thru of the facility.

Sometimes we host longer Learning Visits, where visitors have the chance to hear and learn from leaders in our agricultural community. Learning Visits are designed for groups of no more than 12-15 people.  Generally Learning Visits must be arranged up to 2 months in advance, and the schedule will vary based on the availability of our local farm and food operators. The price also varies, based on the services your group might be interested in us arranging (such as local food product tastings, or lodging, etc). Each visit includes host site stipends, and a fee for CAE services as guide and organizer - depending on the range of services, the number of days/events, and the SIZE of your group the prices can range from $500-$5,000.

If you would like to arrange your OWN TOURS we highly recommend using Northeast Kingdom Travel and Tourism to identify lodging, restaurants, and other wonderful places to visit.  We also suggest that a trip to Newport, to visit the NEK Tasting Center will allow you to bring home your pick of some of the region's finest products.

Call the Office at 472-5362 to speak with Daniel or Kristin.