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A program of the Center for an Agricultural Economy

Wet Pack Kitchen

By far, our most popular kitchen, the Wet Pack Kitchen is equipped with steam kettles, commercial sauté pans, filler, fruit mill, professional ovens, 6 burner stove, and other semi-automated equipment for making your sauces, spreads, beverages and more.

This kitchen is sandwiched between the Raw Kitchen and the Scullery, making clean up simple and accessible. The floor has a drain and the kettles are connected to steam generators, bringing ingredients up to temperature quickly.

Stationary Equipment:

  • Two 40 gallon Steam Kettles
  • 6 Burner Stove Top

Mobile Equipment:

  • Semi-automated Fillers
  • Professional Ovens
  • 40-gallon Commercial Tilt Skillet
  • Vegetable Food Processors - slicers, peelers, dicers, washers, blenders, mixers

What can you make in this space?

  • Sauces, mustards, chutneys, salsas, marinades and other condiments
  • Fruit pastes, marmalades, jams and preserves
  • Juices, beverages, assorted maple products and more