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A program of the Center for an Agricultural Economy

How it Works

Our equipment and processing lines work best with sauces, beverages, dried, frozen and cut products. Currently, we do not process meat, meat products or fresh dairy products.

Get Started: Using the Kitchens

  1. Fill out the Client Inquiry Form
  2. Set up your one-time orientation/consultation/tour! This will cost $80 and will be up to three hours.
  3. As a new client, you'll qualify for eight hours at $25/hr with 4 free hours of VFVC assistance in the kitchen.
  4. Hourly Kitchen Rates are between $28 and $35/hr, depending on your product and process. See the Rate Sheet for more information.

When you join us at the VFVC, our staff will provide next steps and support, depending on your kitchen and business needs.

Get Started: Renting Storage

  1. Storage Rates are $25/month for dry, $40/month for generator-backed up cold or frozen.
  2. Download and fill out the Storage Agreement Form
  3. Confirm availability of storage 
  4. Set up your arrival and drop off details

Get Started: Co-pack and Minimal (Light) Processing Services

Contact us! our staff will work with you to negotiate a co-pack service for your specialty food or value added product.

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