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A program of the Center for an Agricultural Economy

Business Advising

The Vermont Food Venter Center is a shared-use processing facility, designed for you to grow your food business. At the VFVC, we offer many different business advising and food production services, including:

  • Food Business Consulting
    • Marketing/Brand Advising
    • Sourcing Packaging Materials
    • Sourcing Wholesale Ingredients
    • Educating on Food Safety Regulations
    • Food Safety Training (ServSafe)
    • Supply and Update Client Resource Guide (Distributors, Label Reps, Specialty Food Store Contacts)
  • Production Scale Up
    • Batch Scaling
    • Production Efficiency
    • Equipment Training
    • Food Handler Safety & Training

How do you access these services?

First, visit our Client Inquiry Form: this allows us to learn more about you and your starting point. We want to sit down and meet to determine where you are as a business, and whether renting kitchens is your best next step, or more R&D is needed first.

Second, set up your one-time orientation/consultation/tour! This will cost $80 and is up to 3 hours.

Want to learn more, but not sure if you're ready for the consultation? See the Rate Sheet for more information.