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A program of the Center for an Agricultural Economy

Farm to Institution

We work with Vermont farms to create new market opportunities focusing on crops that grow well in our region. 

Our goal with this program two-fold. We want to reach consumers who can't otherwise afford local food, and we want to support our producers with new markets and market development. Our biggest tool is the Vt Food Venture Center, where we aggregate and process locally grown produce for wholesale and institutional markets. Here's the project:

Case Study Front page with two staff processing food in the kitchens

  • Working closely with farms to identify crops they grow well in volume;
  • Processing at the Vermont Food Venture Center  identified crops efficiently, and;
  • Selling to Vermont schools, institutions, restaurants, and retail markets to not only identify the local fruits and vegetables they want more of, but also the type of cut that would make it easier for each market to cook with and/or sell local produce.

Our farm partners have included: Riverside Farm - East Hardwick, VT
River Berry Farm - Fairfax, VT
Foote Brook Farm - Johnson, VT
Lewis Creek Farm - Starksboro, VT
Chappelle's Potatoes - Williamstown, VT
Rooney Farm - Morrisville, VT
Peaslee's Potatoes - Guildhall, VT

The Vermont Food Venture Center acts as a food processing facility to expand value-added fruit and vegetable markets for local and regional farmers!

 We make quite a few interesting products - from potato fries to beet dice - both frozen and fresh. We would love to hear from you if you want to sell local produce to us, or if you're interested in purchasing for your institution!

PLEASE CALL: 802-472-5362

ASK FOR KYLE, Production Manager

or JOSH, Accounts Manager