Workshop Series: Build Your Food Brand

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Posted: August 7, 2013

For Immediate Release

August 5, 2013 – Hardwick, VT

The Center for an Agricultural Economy, in partnership with the Vermont Small Business Development Center, is hosting a series of four hour-long workshops for specialty food producers and farmers developing value-added products.

Each session of  Build Your Food Brand will take place in the conference room at the Center for an Agricultural Economy, home of the Vermont Food Venture Center, 140 Junction Road in Hardwick.

Presented by Nicole Fenton and Steve Redmond of Skillet Design in Burlington, topics include market research, components of brand development, effective packaging and design, and relationship development.

Cost: $10 per session, or the package of four is $35.

When: Sept 12 – Oct 24, 6pm to 7pm

Where: 140 Junction Rd, Hardwick, VT 05843

Pre-registration is required and can be done online by clicking and filling out this form or by calling Heidi Krantz at 802-472-5362.


Sept. 12- Session 1

Who is your market?

Before you launch your food product or a line extension you need to  determine who will buy it and for how much they’ll pay! 5 tips for simple market research  to help you launch your product.


Sept. 26 – Session 2

Branding 101: How to Develop a Strong Brand 

If you think your logo is your brand, think again. Branding is about both the subjective associations and emotions you conjure in  your customer’s mind as it is about assets like your product, website and packaging.  Learn how all of this weaves together to create a strong brand.


Oct 10 – Session 3

Using Effective Design and Information Heirarchy for Effective Brand Messaging

Poorly executed packaging design can let you down, right when you need it most! Great packaging looks easy, but that’s a response to how well it works! We’ll review a case study in branding to illustrate how design can convert under performing packaging into a valuable asset at retail.


Oct. 24 – Session 4         

Beyond Packaging; Creating Relationships with Consumers

Customer engagement takes many forms – face-to-face at tastings to providing content for social media that you hope will generate feedback. Finding the right strategy to build a relationship with your customers takes commitment rather than a campaign. We’ll review strategies for relationship building for your brand.


Contact Information:

Heidi Krantz

Center for an Agricultural Economy
and home to the Vermont Food Venture Center

PO Box 422, 140 Junction Rd, Hardwick VT 05842

Tel: 802-472-5362



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