Welcoming a New Intern from New England Culinary Institute!

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Posted: January 14, 2014

This year, the Center for an Ag Economy brings on yet another intern from the New England Culinary Institute. It’s a great opportunity for us; bringing on skilled food experts who are expanding their knowledge and experience.  Let us introduce you to Rick Beun!

882054_10152060483109911_2019602930_o(1)    Rick comes from a military background; he had 6 years of service preparing and cooking meals both in the United States and overseas. He was a Food Service Supervisor, and trained over 80 personnel in safe and efficient use of kitchen equipment and chemical cleaning agents. In addition he prepared meals for and served over 800 folks every day in his work with the U.S. Army.

Rick says “I always liked to cook as a hobby and not many people were into cooking when I was a teen.  I did not work in food service until I enlisted in the US Army in 2005.  When my military service was ending I was at a crossroads in life.  I was veering toward going to an engineering school in the Midwest because of the earning potential that came with an engineering degree.  Right before I was discharged my good friend passed away who had given me the best advice, he said to do what you love to do and the money will solve itself.  After his death I decided I was going to heed his advise and applied to NECI and started school the same month I was discharged.”

We asked Rick about his proudest moment working with food, and he said: “…when I won a competition while in the Army stationed in Korea.  I was judged the best cook out of hundreds of applicants and bested eight of my peers in the final round.”

And finally, what comes next? We asked Rick where he wants to be in 5 years.

” In five years I hope to be working in food in my hometown of Detroit.  I plan on getting involved with urban farming and food distribution and systems to help feed our inner-city residents and improve their health with some community outreach and teaching as well.”


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