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Posted: March 1, 2010

The Vermont Food Venture Center is a shared-use kitchen incubator for value-added and specialty food producers who can rent the kitchen on an hourly basis or arrange for co-packing at the facility. Our staff provides a wide array of food and agricultural business consulting services to aspiring entrepreneurs, existing food businesses and organizations looking to promote food businesses as an economic development tool.

Brian Norder, Executive Director, can be reached for questions or consultations at brian@vermontfoodventurecenter.org or by calling 802-849-2000. He has office hours most Fridays at the Center for an Agricultural Economy at 41 S. Main Street, Hardwick

Vermont Food Venture Center Expansion

In 2004, after eight years of operation, it become clear that the Vermont Food Venture Center (VFVC) had serious facility challenges that needed to be addressed in the Center was to remain strong and viable. Wear and tear on the physical plant was resulting in a high repair and maintenance budget. The layout of the old building and lack of an adequate loading dock limited the growth of our clients. We received a grant from USDA Rural Development/Vermont to study the feasibility of renovating, expanding and/or relocating the facility. Cameron Wold, a nationally recognized consultant on food incubation projects was hired to conduct the study, which recommended a new facility located in the I-89 corridor between Burlington and Barre. In 2006, the Vermont legislature appropriated $75,000 to help fund planning and site selection for the new facility and the US Economic Development Administration awarded a $50,000 matching grant to assist with site engineering. Site selection, planning and fundraising for the new facility will continue through Spring of 2007.

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