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Posted: April 10, 2013

Donated seeds from High Mowing Organic Seeds

hardwick Community garden in hardwick

Hardwick Community Garden

We are so pleased to partner with the Hardwick Area Food Pantry and volunteer, Derrick Boulay, to help support the HAFP’s initiatives of fighting hunger, saving money on grocery bills, and improving nutrition while finding pleasure and pride in success.

Derrick will be utilizing three raised beds at the Hardwick Community Gardens (located at Atkins Field on Granite Street in Hardwick) for the pantry to use for public instruction and as a food source for the pantry. All three will be marked “VICTORY GARDEN” for easy recognition.

For the month of May, Derrick Boulay, a professional gardener and landscape designer, will be available during open hours at the Hardwick Area Food Pantry to encourage pantry patrons to use donated High Mowing Organic Seeds seed packets to grow some of their own vegetables successfully. She will be providing their seeds plus containers, pails, compost, instructions and demonstrations. Four methods of growing will be explained: growing in containers, in pails, in raised beds and in full soil.

Anyone interested can visit these gardens and meet with Derrick to ask questions, learn techniques hands-on, get help with gardening problems, and talk about their successes throughout the growing season. She will be sowing and growing in these beds as soon as the weather allows it, and will also be present at the raised beds regularly from 5:00 to 6:00 pm during the Farmers’ Market on Fridays and again from 9:00 to 10:00 am on Saturday mornings, until the end of the season.

Any questions to:
Hardwick Area Food Pantry
39 W Church Street
Hardwick VT 05843

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