Vermont Food Venture Center Exceeds Projections for Facility Use

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Posted: July 30, 2014

A busy summer in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

The Vermont Food Venture Center (VFVC), a program of the Center for an Agricultural Economy, is on track to exceed its 2013 kitchen hours by 50% at the end of this year.  This growth is due to new market opportunities for farms, increased efficiencies, and the continuation of important partnerships.

Benefiting from the speed of a new vegetable cutter, the VFVC has been able to supply Vermont institutions fresh cut and frozen local vegetable products throughout the year.  The VFVC is slated to work with 15 farms across the state to supply institutions with 8 fresh cut or frozen products, ranging from sliced beets to frozen broccoli.  Vermont aggregated institutional demand for these local products exceeds 100,000 pounds, based on market research conducted by the Center for an Agricultural Economy this past year.

The VFVC continues its partnership with the Vermont Foodbank to preserve local produce for food shelves and pantries across the state, making products from frozen carrot puree to diced root crop medleys.  Through creative and educational programming, the VFVC and the Vermont Foodbank hosted 16 high school students participating in the summer Governor’s Institute at the University of Vermont to cut and freeze both conventional and locally gleaned vegetables.

The VFVC also acts as a food business incubator, and most recently, we celebrated the success of one our specialty food clients. Wozz! Kitchen Creations is a New Hampshire owned food producer, who specializes in condiments, dressings, and marinades. At the Fancy Food Show in New York City, Wozz! was nominated for 3 categories, and won Gold Medal sofiTM awards in two of three. They brought home the Gold for Outstanding Condiment and Outstanding Dressing, and wrote to us:

“To be recognized as one of the best in the country is a dream come true for any specialty food entrepreneur.  We would like to thank the Vermont Food Venture Center and Center for Agricultural Economy for being on our side helping us make this dream come true every step of the way.”

Read more about Wozz! Kitchen Creations’ products and recent awards here.


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