Town of Hardwick will tackle a Community Visit Process!

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Posted: January 7, 2016

Hardwick Town Officials invited the Vermont Council on Rural Development to engage with our community for the next few months on a Community Visit Process.  This program, which has been used by 26 towns all over Vermont. From Pownal to Killington, from Rutland to Craftsbury, this program has enabled small and large towns to think together about the issues facing them, to bring different parts of town to one place, and to determine what they would like for their own future!

Craftsbury’s Visit 2015

For some towns, the projects that emerge might be expanding or developing senior living sites (Cambridge 2014) or rebuilding bridges (Johnson 2004). For others, communication and community image were most important (Swanton) or building a system for town and ski resort to work more closely on economic development and community projects (Killington), were more important than infrastructure.

In Hardwick, beginning on January 20th, a Listening Team from around the state will converge on Hardwick to listen to our thoughts, needs and challenges. The topics will include:

  • Housing, Health and Safety
  • Youth
  • Transportation
  • Education, Schools and Young Families
  • The Next Stage of Hardwick’s Food Economy
  • The Future of Downtown; Parking, Streetscape and Walkability
  • Substance Abuse
  • Growing Economic Development and Entrepreneurs
  • Recreation, Trails and the Arts

DON’T MISS OUT! YOUR VOICE IS IMPORTANT! Join your neighbors on January 20th – and come to the potluck too!

Schedule for Jan 20th


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