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Posted: February 23, 2015

Read through this most recent scholarly article on the impact of food and agricultural economics in Hardwick and the surrounding towns. Kate Olson, who studied with area businesses, and lived here in the Kingdom last summer, writes a terrific piece on how the economics of a regional can rely mostly on the sharing and collaboration across sectors.

“Hardwick, Vermont has been an attractive poster child for the local food movement. In the past two decades, this charming, rustic Vermont community—rolling New England hills that light up each fall, Victorian B&Bs, bustling food co-op, mooing cows, and all—has become a magnet for young farmers and mission-driven food entrepreneurs. Ben Notterdam of Snug Valley Farm, who raises pumpkins, grass-fed beef, and pastured pork, explains the appeal: “Friends moved here from another part of Vermont and were blown away by the amount of support from other farms… If something goes wrong, we can borrow equipment or get extra help. There’s a pretty free-flowing sharing environment.””

Read Kate’s FULL CASE STUDY here.

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