Staff Transitions at the Food Venture Center

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Posted: November 11, 2013

As we approach the end of our second year since the Food Venture Center doors first opened, we find ourselves settling into our systems and routines, even as we anticipate change in the new year. Our facility feels truly full with two anchor tenants, three rotating kitchens, and three large freezer and cooler units stocked with product. As we head into 2014, we continue to specialize the facility and its functions. One of those changes is to focus our job roles to better serve farmers, food-based businesses and our local community.

Notably, our Operations Manager, George Keener, was brought on board to oversee the building and construction phases of the Food Venture Center, and plan and implement our systems in the new building. George’s long hours and hard work brought us to excel in food safety, production and processing, as well as gathering a terrific processing team. George’s knowledge and expertise helped launch start-up clients as well, and he brought the Food Venture Center into processing and farm-to-plate networks across the region. Now that the facility is up and running, this start-up role will conclude and the CAE will seek out a facilities manager with a focus on maintenance of the mechanical systems along with day-to-day operations at the building. The next phase of the Food Venture Center requires refinement of our systems for steady growth.

Heartfelt thanks to George for playing a pivotal role in building the VFVC into well tuned machine, and please do check our website for details on the facilities manager position.

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