Greenwich Academy visits in the Spring

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Posted: June 25, 2014

Just a week or so ago, we had a wonderful Learning Visit from 12 students and 2 chaperones from the Greenwich Academy in Connecticut. These students, prepped and ready to get their hands dirty, were able to visit farms, explore greenhouses, learn about cheese and wool, and create their own meal from locally grown foods.

The Learning Visit included a tour of plants and seedlings at Pete’s Greens, and an exploration of seed science with Katie Spring at High Mowing Organic Seeds. Beginning the three day visit with soils, seeds and plants seemed like an appropriate start – especially when we were then able to use some of the fruits of these plants – like tomatoes, lettuce, and more – to create our very own hand-made meal that evening with Elena Gustavson at the Lake View Inn.


We followed up our introduction to the Food System by delving more deeply into different types of farming – we visited Bonnieview Sheep Farm and were hosted by Neil and Kristen Urie, where we learned about cheesemaking and wool processing. Students got a chance to spin, to card, and of course – to taste fresh cheeses! The lambs, the cows, and the dogs were a major hit.

Following this visit, we had lunch at Sterling College and toured their gardens, saw a dormitory, and met many of the farm animals who live at the farm. We had Anya Skibbie and Mike the Farm Manager to teach us about life cycles and behaviors of the animals. We probably had the most fun when one of the smaller pigs escaped its fence and we had to help it back in! And we put in some time harvesting an invasive species from the hillside, so the pigs could munch down on greenery.

All in all, a wonderful visit, and many thanks to Greenwich Academy for coming to learn about our food system! And we heard they went from the NEK to visit Ben&Jerry’s in Waterbury….a true taste of Vermont!


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