Food Systems….in Full Color!

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Posted: May 1, 2014

If you’ve never had the chance to visit us at the Food Venture Center, we are in a long low green building – concrete floors, white walls, and an impressive fresh air and ventilation system. The building is designed for food production on a major scale – water, heat, and fuel systems are all large, efficient, and rather complicated. Creating a food-safe space, with good procedures for the cleaning and sharing of kitchens, means that we rarely see the green, fertile and muddy side of our food system. And yet the food we eat travels through all of these parts of the systems before it reaches us!

And that’s why we reached out to Tara Goreau. Tara’s a local muralist, who has done work at City Market, Galaxy Bookshop, Pete’s Greens, High Mowing Organic Seeds, Jasper Hill, and other local businesses. We wanted something that showed our beautiful, grubby, working lands and something that showed the industrial, automated, clean spaces where food is processed. After 24 hours in the building – voila! Tara’s Food System masterpiece now graces our wall in our office hallway:

this mural takes the viewer from field and farm, through distribution, storage, sales, and markets, and all the way to plate and waste!


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