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Posted: November 11, 2013

The VFVC Facilities Manager has overall responsibilities for the Vermont Food Venture Center, located in Hardwick, VT; day-to-day management of a 15,000 square foot shared-use food processing and food hub facility. This includes the daily operation of food processing and storage areas, client training in food processing and safety, and overall compliance with food safety procedures and State and Federal standards. The building is regularly used by food-businesses, farmers and community members, and the primary role of the facilities manager is to ensure that every user has the correct equipment, tools, training and food safety protocols in place to have a successful production. The facilities manager will manage work with vendors and contractors, and needs good mechanical knowledge and expertise. This position works regularly with other CAE staff, and maintains a commitment to CAE’s mission of local economic development through a revitalized agricultural system in a non-profit setting.

General Qualifications:

  • Customer service orientation and willingness to deal with people every day.
  • Attention to detail throughout the VFVC, when preparing kitchens, cleaning or managing food safety protocols.
  • Ability to manage time efficiently and to work with minimum supervision.
  • Ability to maintain and fix equipment as it breaks; mechanical competency.
  • Ability to be multi-task; to be in the kitchens, assisting clients, fixing equipment, and to track food safety regulations and deadlines.
  • Ability to manage seasonal work crews; orienting and working cooperatively with other staff.


A degree in food, production, manufacturing or a relevant field is desired. Experience in food production, food handling, sanitation and management is required. 1-3 years of experience preferred. 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Customer Service – greeting and meeting the needs of all customers and clients to the VFVC. Managing the rotating nature of types of clients by ensuring kitchens, equipment and cleaning are all handled in advance.  All client communication should be done with a 24 hour turnaround.
  • Work collaboratively with Program Managers to ensure that kitchens are scheduled well in advance, clients have appropriate expectations and communication, and that all staff/clients are informed of any changes in facility or equipment well in advance.
  • Shipping and receiving procedures to assist with client production, coordinate processing dates, and plan for co-packing
  • Maintenance and oversight of facility systems; including kitchen equipment, heating and water monitoring.
  • Purchasing of and ongoing planning for equipment needs.
  • Ensuring client and staff compliance with all VFVC Policies including:
    • Comply with ServSafe, VT Dept of Health and Agency of Agriculture Standards
    • Handbook/GMP
    • SSOPs
    • HACCPs
    • Maintenance of all logbooks 

Other Responsibilities:

  • Available during facility hours of operation. Salaried position which may require additional hours at other times as needed.
  • Teaching – Continually teach customers how to best do their processing
  • Managing Customers – Handle these situations on a timely basis and keep good records on all customer situations, including complaints. Allow unhappy customers to share their story, and keep good record of these situations.
  • The work environment is primarily in a warehouse setting and industrial kitchen setting that has high temperatures, loud noises, and wet conditions.
  • This job will require standing for long periods, working on electrical, heat and plumbing systems.
  • Must lift and/or move up to 60 pounds.
  • May require attendance at events, or demos in which case business attire is required.

Salary and Benefits:

The Facilities Manager is a salaried position based on qualifications. Federal holidays and vacation time are a benefit of working for the Center for an Agricultural Economy.

Please email a letter of interest and a resume to Sarah Waring, Executive Director at sarah@hardwickagriculture.org. No phone calls please.

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