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Posted: July 17, 2013

The Center for an Agricultural Economy, home of the Vermont Food Venture Center, has announced that Monty Fischer, founding Executive Director and most recently, Development Director, has left the organization.

Sarah Waring, CAE’s current Executive Director writes:

” Over the course of the past four months, I have had the privilege and honor of working alongside Monty Fischer, who has been acting as our Development Director since late 2012.

In this role, Monty has taken the leadership of our long term vision for the CAE, and helped me to understand our history and our legacy of work in the community. As I have had the chance to grow into this role, as Executive Director, it is time for me to take on these strategic visioning tasks, and to act upon the foundations and partnerships which Monty has built in the past 5 years.

 I hope that you can join me in celebrating Monty’s work at the CAE. He led the development of a Northeast Kingdom Food Systems Plan with NVDA, facilitated the purchase of Atkins Field property to serve as an informal town green for Hardwick, secured funds to move the Community Gardens and Farmer’s Market, created the Food Access Fund and Vermont Farm Fund with key donor partners and oversaw the building and development of the Vermont Food Venture Center in the industrial park.

His intentional and conscientious voice for our greater community has created many wonderful partnerships. He has been our fearless leader through many challenging times and I could not have learned as quickly about the CAE without his teaching and sharing. We are so lucky to have him as part of our team, and look forward to all the opportunities we may have to work with him in the future.”

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